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Some News

"Lilienthal on vintage photographs"

is the title of an exhibition in the baptistry of Lilienthal (reopened 2017, May 21. to Sept., 30.)

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look back 2016 - 125th anniversary of human flight

Together with the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) we realized the plan to test a historically accurate replica of the world's first series-produced aircraft as it was built by Lilienthal (wind tunnel tests in the Netherlands included).

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A detailed Report about the Project in Daily Planet (TV Canada):

Otto Lilienthal's First Film

Johannes Hogebrink from the Netherlands realized an animation of a flight in 1895 - designed using the museum's archives of original photographs.

New stained glass artwork in the baptistry of Lilienthal


The choir of St. Nicholas Church in Anklam shows itself in a new colorful design. The author is Graham Jones, architectural glass artist from London, who was the winner of a competition for the job. He has presented his masterpiece on 19 December in Anklam. The new windows are another step in progress of the project Ikareum - Lilienthal Flight Museum.


LogoThere has been released a Geocoin for the first successfull aviator and his birthtown.

Without tracking code it is an attractive medal in different performances, too.

In addition there exists a multi-cache called: "Otto Lilienthal - Native of Anklam".


Lilienthal and Wright

Regardless from the neverending question "who was the first?" the Wright brothers "Flyer" was the fundamental breakthrough for the practical used successful airplane.

FotografieIn the same way Lilienthal was not the first to build and fly an experimental aircraft. But he realized the first repeated human flights with artificial wings from the top of a hill to the ground over a distance of about 800 feet between the years of 1891 and 1896.

From May, 18th to October a replica of "Wright A", built from 1910 to 1914 in the most successful Wright factory in Berlin is shown in baptistry of Otto Lilienthal, the St. Niclas church out of the 13. century.



Glider out of the Otto-Lilienthal-Museum and "Wright A" at the exhibition "Centennial of Wright flights in Europe", Le Mans (France), 2008.

U. Voswinckel, Aviat-Stiftung

photo Wittig

The Museum presents a new edition of the book: Wright in Germany, available in German only). This is the first publication about the Wright factory in Germany, at that time the most successful one in Europe, and the outstanding role of the Wright brothers on the development of aviation in Germany.

Already two years ago there has been a joint celebration of Lilienthal and Wright: On October 24, 1911, Orville Wright soared for almost 10 minutes in North Carolina, U.S.A., and started the sport and science of modern soaring as we know it today. That record held for almost 10 years.

A century later this has been the occasion for an international celebration called SOARING100 at the original location. The Otto-Lilienthal-Museum participated with a lecture.

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Accession with attractive history


The museum received a valuable glider library as a gift. The library contains about 1,500 volumes, including French and English titles, as well as numerous titles from the early days of gliding. Adding to the online library of the museum will take some time to complete.


A wooden airscrew from WWI with an interesting history has found its way to the museum. The challenge tropy went through the hands of several pilots. The history is retraceable to Kuno Annas, who was a mechanic of Manfred v. Richthofen, the "Red Baron". In working with the interrupter gear it has been damaged and he kept it as an souvenir.

Another Accession with an unknown history


An interesting object the museum got from Austria: Our team calls it the "Vintage Wingsuit" and dates it to the 1920s to 1940s. The cockpit is very similar to the SG 38. Any further information is wellcome!


electronically guided tour through the Museum


Our new iPod oder iPad Mediaguide started in English, too. With the so called QR-codes you get a lot of additional information, pictures and films included.



Ikareum - a museum about the history of Man Flight

"Ikarus - the flying man" was the title of an exhibition in the ruins of the the church "St. Nikolai" in summer 2007. It was a foretaste of what is to come in this central building in the city of Anklam, a museum about the ancient dream of mankind - to fly with artificial wings like a bird. Part of this project called "Ikareum - Lilienthal flight Museum" will exhibit objects from the collection of G. Burghardt, ("First hang glider museum of the world").

exhibition poster

First Steps: In 2010 the roof of the nave has been restored.

Foto  foto

New glider model kits

Eight models of the most important glider and aircraft constructions of Otto Lilienthal have been designed as 1/160 scale models by Aerobase/Japan.

photo: model kits

Two sets (each containing 4 model kits) are available in our shop.


Hardly a Lilienthal aircraft endured the test of time. Therefore the Lilienthal-aircrafts have a long tradition of reconstruction: The first, who build several such replicas in the 1920s, was the Berlin film and aviation pioneer Hans Richter. For the museum Stephan Nitsch explored all necessary details.


There is an impressive website of a Canadian replica builder, too: Stephane Boisvert.

"Otto Lilienthal - To fly like a bird"

The official guide to the museum is available in English now. The Lilienthal glider and aircraft constructions, life, accomplishments, landmarks of his work and life in Germany - summed up in our museum brochure.


Collection News

The failed project for an aircraft designed on the basis of premium automobile technology, with high-end diesel engines, convenience and safety has a place in the museum:

High performance aircraft TT 62

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Here are some very exciting acquistions to the Museum's collection:
With the help of different partners, we have been able to purchase some very significant and spectacular new objects for the museum's collection:

The museum was able to purchase some letters, written by Otto Lilienthal - new details to augment the published correspondence of Lilienthal. The index of his correspondence is available on our website, as well.

A particularly exciting new exhibition piece is the steam engine No. 137, produced in 1889 in Lilienthal's machine works in Berlin. This unique specimen was purchased from an Australian collector.

flash-film of the engine in motion

Lilienthal's "rotating arm device" (an aerodynamic scale) was the first successful device for the measurement of the force components of both lift and drag. With help of a few preserved documents, drawings and three preserved test wings in the Deutsches Museum Munich we were able to complete the reconstruction of the device here in the museum.

photo reconstruction

orig. drawing of the rotating arm device

Drawing of the "rotating arm device" in Lilienthal's book "birdflight as a basis of aviation.", 1889

Wilbur Wright said about Lilienthal's book:
"For nearly twenty years his tables and charts were the best to be found in print." We are pleased to now present a truly valuable reprint of the first edition of "Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst"in our shop. A reprint of the English version (1911) is also available.