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Prices and Fees

Otto Lilienthal Museum

4,50 EUR
reduced (groups, children, students)
3,50 EUR
members of ICOM, EMF
WLAN based guide (iPad to loan 3 EUR)
guided tour for groups (in addition to normal admission fee per person)
45,00 EUR

Photos from the photo archive
Photo reproductions

15,00 EUR
Publications of photos or other material from the archives require prior permission from the Otto Lilienthal Museum. Acknowledgements for every single photo are required with a reference to the "Archives of the Otto Lilienthal Museum". Pictures and all reproduced copies must be returned/destroyed immediately after completion of the work. The use of photo materials in the archives is not allowed beyond the agreed purpose.

Conditions for permission to publish are reasonable compensation, normally a publication fee.
Publication fees
For each separate picture used in a print run of:
up to   3,000
14,00 EUR
up to 10,000
30,00 EUR
up to 50,000
48,00 EUR
More than 50,000 and for Media, PR- and Advertising purposes
70,00 EUR
A specimen copy of the publication must be sent to the museum.
If completion of an order within 3 working days is requested, we bill a rush handling charge of:

20,00 EUR

Download of form - requires Acrobat Reader