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Link: Photo The carefully retouched version (F0061/2) of this portrait of Lilienthal is well known. He used it on his kept exhibitors identity card for the Berlin "Trade Exhibition" in 1896. The shown picture is the not retouched original.

A. Regis, 1894 [before]
Bild-Nr.: OLM F0061/1LP, F0061/2LP
another out of only 4 know portraits of Lilienthal as an adult.

Bild-Nr. OLM F0013LP
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Link: Photo Otto Lilienthal as a young factory-owner.

Bild-Nr.: OLM F0056LP
Lilienthal (centre, in front) with his factory workers.
On march, 12., 1890 he started his profit sharing system for his workers, instead of the system of piece-work.

Bild-Nr.: OLM F0036LP
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Link: Photo A journey for studying flight of storks together with the photographer Dr. Fülleborn to Vehlin (Brandenburg). Results are published in his article "Unsere Lehrmeister im Schwebeflug" (1895). The numerous photos only recently have been found.

Fülleborn, [1895 ?]
Bild-Nr.: OLM F0840LP
In Lilienthal's photo archive there have been some of the very first momentum photographies of O. Anschütz: "storks" (1884) and "flight of crane". Anschütz used 8 photos of the crane in his "Zoetrop" for one of the very first movies.
O. Anschütz, 1884
Bild-Nr.: OLM F0834LN
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Link: Photo Otto Lilienthal as an actor in "Preciosa" by Pius Alexander Wolff. Lilienthal was one of the owners of the Berlin "Ostend-Theaters", he developed to a "peoples theatre".

Foto: Kliemeck [1893 ?]
Bild-Nr.: OLM F0030LP
Gustav Lilienthal (1849 - 1933), brother of Otto Lilienthal. Especially in social, human und cultural projects the brothers worked together life long.

Bild-Nr.: OLM F0794LP
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Link: Photo In the last 20 years of his live Gustav Lilienthal started intensive research on thick wing profiles an wing flapping.
The "großer Vogel" (big bird), Altwarp, (Stettiner Haff, [1915 ?]); Parts of the apparatus are kept in the museum.
Bild-Nr.: OLM F0200LP
Gustav Lilienthal worked in numerous projects of social reforms as an architect and master builder.
The building called "Spatzenburg" out of pre-fabricated elements in the "Eden"-project.

Bild: Archiv gemeinnützige Obstbaukolonie Eden e. G.
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Photo Archives of the years: 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 Portraits